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No longer a secret


Many many moons ago the ingenious and terribly talented Anna wrote a sock book and took on a number of test knitters to make up the socks to be photographed. Bravely, your humble scribe was included in that number.

Anyone who has been hanging out here for a while will remember the secret knitting of Spring 2007 and now it’s not a secret any more because Fab Feet and Cosy Toes has been published!!!!!

I know I’m terribly biased but I think it’s a great book and there are a number of patterns that I want to try (particularly the intarsia pigs that go across both feet and the ladybird bootees that would be perfect for the impending baby boom amonst our family and friends [Note to Mum – NOT me, stop hyperventiating]) aside from the ones I knit myself. It’s also got a great guide to designing your own patterns and very clear instructions for how to do Kitchener which it renown for being the bane of a sock knitter’s existence.

So anyway – would you like to see the ones I knit?

Cosy brown thigh highs (those of you who know my height will be relived to know that I was knitting to the pattern size rather than my leg length so the model wasn’t pulling them up to her chin!)

Pretty blue lace

Tulips for the spring

and finally my favourites:

Penguins!!! They even have a little sticky out tail as well as the little flippers and beak.

The other known unknown is S’s beautiful baby girl who came to meet us last night – she is a really cutey and still very teeny-tiny and asleep the whole time! We also got a chance to give S our group present – a mini Lizard Ridge blanket which I think fulfills the crucial criteria of being not baby pink! Mandy took a lovely picture so please go and look at it here.

In terms of the Rumsfeldian unknown unknowns – I’m still working on the Quarterpint Cardigan and it’s still a secret. The other secret is a tiny wee sock which is winging it’s way to Amber in the tiny week sock swap and that’s a secret until she gets it!!