You know what this means


March 144
I’ve finished Neighbourhood Tunnels! Actually given that they’re toe up it could mean that I’m cheating and I’ve put two socks-on-the-needles on my feet and pulled my jeans down to cover the cuffs.

I refute any such allegation with two, what I consider to be killer, pieces of evidence:

(A) I have the ankles and feet necessary to support a 6′ medium build frame. If I didn’t have them I’d fall over. This explains not only why I have wide and long feet but also why my ankles, in less flattering company than your good selves, might be described as clunky. I could get a pair of socks on the needles around my heel and onto my ankle but I don’t have an over-optimistic-hedgehog-on-the-M25’s chance of getting them off again without dropping stitches or breaking needles.


March 150
Being the little colour magpie that I am you know this was always going to appeal, the pattern itself also has a lovely fluidity that is far more apparent in the real sock than in pictures – another hit for the sock drawer.
March 151
To tidy up some loose ends from the last post – The Teletubbies defy serious description (so I’ve linked to wiki) – in every episode of this toddler’s TV one of the teletubbies receives a signal through the antenna on the top of their head and a short film plays on their tummy. When it finishes all four teletubbies jump up and down and shout “Again again! Again again!” at which point the short film plays again – even just typing that has me scratching my head but you’ll have to take my word for it that it was essential Saturday morning viewing as a student and for some reason they’ve stuck with me.

Actually there may be a reason – the yellow teletubby is named Laa-Laa which is what my small sister called me when she was a tiny tot and my full name was a bit too much to handle. I am so glad that they didn’t invent teletubbies for many years after her linguistic skills improved.

There was also the time when my bachelor history teacher accidentally bought a teletubby (the year they were hot Christmas presents) because he found a queue in the local shopping centre and joined it. We never did find out which one he got and I don’t think he ever lived it down!

And from toddler TV to baby surprise jackets – I’m knitting them just as the pattern states with no extra length or anything although obviously gauge etc will make every knitter’s different.

Have a very happy Easter, I’m really enjoying my break, instead of carbon offsetting we’re chocolate offsetting, with regular trips to the gym!

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  • Kay 23/03/2008 at 2:19 am

    My cat (she’s not with us any more) used to watch Teletubbies. That tells you something, doesn’t it? Although my cat knew lots of words (no, she didn’t speak them).

    Those socks are very pretty.

  • Knitting Bandit 25/03/2008 at 6:46 pm

    This is the first time I’ve seen this sock pattern. I like it. Your yarn is very pretty. I need to try that chocolate offsetting. I decided to wait untill after the Girl Scout cookies were gone! Doesn’t make sense, I know.