Glad Tidings!


Today is my MIL’s birthday and therefore the day of delivery of the Raspberry Monkeys socks. She has just phoned to say that she loved them and that they have been much admired – I am so relieved and pleased because as she is an occasional knitter I know that she will take care of them.

H told her he was glad she liked them because he had spent a lot of time knitting them. Whilst he did do the odd stitch I think this is utilising the marital get-out clause under which two-become-one rule I fitted our downstairs bathroom and regularly mow the lawn and he sews all the buttons back on his shirts, re-hems his trousers and regularly goes shopping for groceries!

It seems only appropriate that on one Mummy’s birthday I’m knitting for the next one! Mum chose the yarn for her Christmas present and I’m designing and knitting the finished article. It might mean that the blog goes picture free for a while because I want it to be a surprise. It’s orange – imagine me doing lots of orange knitting!

If you’re interested in whimsy then how about the Wee Tiny Sock Swap – signups close today so hurry if you’re interested.

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