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Tangled Yoke – the photo shoot


Finally finished and finally dry on a lovely sunny morning.

My chief photographer was bribed and corrupted to do a quick photo shoot before heading off for ritual aggression (sorry, I of course mean a hockey match).

Et voila:
March 013

One Tangled Yoke in Rowan Felted Tweed, herb colour. It’s pretty windy here at the moment which explains my rather unusual hairdo!

I’m really pleased with the way the fit on this cardigan has turned out as I added a fair whack of length to get to the length were my back stays covered when I bend over. The yoke is frankly gorgeous and very ingenious:
March 014
You can see it a little bit closer in this one – what I love is the way that you do a layered decrease at the top of the yoke which makes all the curves join together.
March 015
The only slight hitch you can almost see in the pictures – it’s this:
March 016
The yarn relaxes and grows quite a bit when you wash it and although I did wash my swatch (and count by stitch gauge accordingly) I think it pulled out a bit more on the row gauge in the real thing. I could shorten them with a bit of cut and paste but I quite like them long – it makes a change to commercial bought sleeves ending at my elbows!

Seeing as it’s Mother’s Day in the UK today it also seemed only appropriate to pull out the yarn for the next presents for Mum and H’s Mum (I’m not giving away secrets I promise – Mum choose the yarn for her Christmas present and H’s Mum doesn’t read)
March 018
This one is for Mum – Rowan Scotish Tweed Aran
March 024
and this one came home with me yesterday and is destined to be a pair of Monkey socks for H’s Mum for her birthday – Raspberry Jitterbug.

So if you will excuse me, I have some winding to do!