To and fro and for again


This evening I was going to be terribly organised – I was going to blog, with pictures, and show you how the yoke of my tangled yoke was coming along; by the lack of pictures you should correctly ascertain that all has not gone to plan.

I have spent the evening in pretty much the same spot of the knitting:

take 1: re-knit the row I knit wrongly last night and pulled out before I went to bed

take 2: start the next cable row and realise (about 50 sts in) that you missed out one of the increases on the previous row. Tink back, carefully uncabling all those lovely crossed stitches.

take 3: correctly put in the increase and knit to the end of the row. Start the next row and about 50sts in realise that your stitch count is still wrong and you had therefore made equally opposite mistakes on take 2.

take 4: count, count, count again; count every section between every stitch marker. Eventually accept that somehow despite the stitch count being perfect on the previous row, one stitch is missing.

take 5: create an extra stitch to fix the stitch count (shh)

take 6: knit almost to the end of the row. Realise that something went rather wrong shortly after the middle of the row as I now have far too many stitches (and no, nothing to do with that little extra one).

take 7: frown, eat consoling cherry fromage frais, break own personal rule of not leaving work untinked if it needs it and sculk off to the internet to share my woes with the people who (along with my husband) will truly appreciate the pain.

take 8: note to self that attention span whilst well developed is not everlasting – perhaps complicated cable charts that have used every stitch marker I own (including the ones I don’t like and a paperclip) might not be the thing to knit after a long day at work.

H’s socks are looking good though – I’ve got to the heel flap and I’ll try to post pictures soon!

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  • mandycharlie 21/02/2008 at 3:14 pm

    Oh that sounds so like me. I completely understand your pain. The only solution is to knit something soothing, soft and colourful. Which is why my sock pile increases so.