Red Swirls


Red is

the colour of all the traffic lights on the way to the station this morning
the colour of half the seats on the train
the colour of the passengers fingers and cheeks as we waited in the biting cold for a heavily delayed train.
the colour of my lunchtime soup.
the colour of the files I keep the court orders in
the colour of my eyes on a bleary early start
the colour of a court seal and the judge’s robes
the colour of Icarus and my Jaywalkers
the colour of a Port marker beacon out by the rocks at the entrance to the harbour down south
the colour of the peppers and tomatoes in our curry


the colour of Serendipity!

I am turning the heel on the first sock and the spiral stripe continues to be slow and steady and vibrant. When not being totally mucked around by the train company (whose clever idea it was to close a track for 2 weeks so we can only travel by the 2 unreliable trains every hour rather than having 5 or 6 to choose from) I’m making great progress and the colours are deep enough to fall into. No pictures tonight but we’ll see how much further I get on a few more train trips tomorrow!

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