Birthday Surprises


And only 7 days late!! Yes, my long suffering father finally has his birthday present!

I finished knitting on Wednesday night, posted on Thursday and last night had a lovely telephone conversation with a set of toastie toes! I have been bursting to share this knitting with you all because it is one of those rare examples of knitting kismet when you find the perfect yarn and the perfect pattern and it all fits together wonderfully.

So that, with much ta da!
February 043

Dad’s Start Point socks.

The pattern is the Lighthouse Gansey socks from the Winter Knitty and they do look a bit like a lighthouse – it isn’t so clear in the top picture but if you shift them round like this:
February 048

You can see the ribbed roof, the lantern chamber with the angled crystal to maximise the light, the rail walk below and then more ribbing for the tower itself. If you’ve ever been in a lighthouse lantern chamber you will recognise the way the shards are angled:
February 047

The yarn is Arucania Ranco – I don’t know what colourway as I sent the label to Dad as a “I-am-knitting-your-present-you-can-have-it-as-soon-as-I’ve-finished” voucher. When I saw the pattern in Knitty I could see a smokey blue yarn with a little haziness – the colour of early morning sky on the sea and as soon as I walked into the Purveyor of Pretty Things there it was hanging over the window.

I was telling this story to the happy recipient last night and he knew it was his colour as soon as he opened the parcel.

Start Point is the name of the nearest lighthouse (to the parents; I live about as far from the sea as you can get in England) and I did contemplate incorporating some sort of lighting system so that it would flash 3 every 10 but I think it would have been rather uncomfortable.

I have requested a modelled picture to share as they look much better on. Note to father – if you can get a shot with the lighthouse in the background so that we can compare similarities go for it!

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  • Kay 10/02/2008 at 1:19 am

    I do like those socks!Very nice, and I’m sure your dad will love them.