A cure for the winter blues


I should hasten to add that today has been yet another peerless crisp clear blue winter’s day – the sun has shone, the laundry has dried, the daffodils outside the front door still threaten to bloom through the frost, I felt sufficiently joyful to wash the kitchen floor etc etc. I have had sufficient sunlight and green things exposure that I cannot claim the blues as a need to hibernate in a corner with my knitting, fiercly waiting for better weather.

However, if you are still surrounded by grey clouds, deep damp chill and, dare I add it, SNOW, well first of all please send some of the snow to me. Please carefully parcelwrap the snow – after all I do live in England and therefore I know what rain looks like – and send it to:

The I-wanted-to-be-a-polar-but-now-I’m-just-grisly Bear
Wannabe-in-an-Igloo House
The least snowy village in Warwickshire

All damp offerings gratefully received.

Getting back to the point – I may just have the thing to brighten up your winter days – imagine yourself a little bit of Jazz, a little bit of dancing, a carnival even; maybe a Jitterbug?

February 121

That is side 1 of the start of H’s socks and this is side 2:
February 122
They’re toe-up (obviously!) and I’m going to put in a short row heel at the appropriate point so when I get there H will choose which side he wants on the top of his foot. At the moment that’s the side with the blue and pink strip but as all the colours are doing a slow spiral around the foot at the moment we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s funny that neither of my other pairs of Jitterbug socks have spiralled but I have smaller feet. It seems that a Mardi Gras spiral starts at 68sts with loosish gauge!

Of course had I started making them the Tuesday before last it would all be terribly appropriate but you can’t win them all!

Although my deep and unrelenting passion for green knitwear remains – well, deep and unrelenting, it appears that the rainbow is creeping into a few other little bits and bobs.
February 126
This is part of what I can only describe as an interpretive dance of a relatively well known pattern; my version being made out of remains of Rowan cotton glace and 4ply cotton found in the stash. I was aiming for large baby sized as a possibly gift for the early April baby with the idea that it would fit over the summer but I think I’m verging on substantial toddler.

All I know is that:

1, babies grow;
2, one day this will fit a child;
3, that state of affairs will admittedly last only for about 30 mins before he or she grows out of it;
4, the yarn came from the stash and is mostly remainders of my Smoulder cardigan in a different order. This means that by extrapolation Kaffe Fasset chose the colours!
5, I’m enjoying making it – and that’s really all that matters

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  • Kay 17/02/2008 at 2:10 am

    A Slow Spiral. Sounds like a dance, could it be an interpretive one? Great colors on the socks.