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Buttons, buttons and more buttons


On Tuesday night I had the perfect time being talked out of small star shaped buttons, little fish, little ladybirds etc for my oh so stylish Tangled Yoke. Clearly my subconscious was yearning for some sort of regression to the halcyon days of star shaped buttons but common sense/the girls stepped in and I choose these:

February 177

Pretty little mother of pearl squares – they don’t detract from the yoke and they do shimmer and pick up the flecks of white in the tweedy yarn.
February 182

They are also all sewn on now. I consider this to be a great achievement for a bear of very little brain.
February 185
I know that for this week at least I am a bear of very little brain because it is only now (Thursday lunchtime) that I realise why small square mother of pearl buttons are familiar – I have seven of them on the front of my work cardigan. The cardigan I was wearing on Tuesday while I chose the buttons – D’oh.

And falling neatly in line with the in for a penny in for a pound theory:

February 188

I sewed on my coat button. I would like to you think that this was an entirely voluntary action motivated by the desire not to appear as if my sartorial reference point was a third world refuge but in truth I got an e-mail. Actually I got it twice. Once in each mail box:

“Have you sewn the button back onto your coat? Loved the tangle. Mum”