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Early Morning Light


One of the things that really defines the end of winter is that week when suddenly it’s properly light in the morning when we get up. Last week we were still on pre-dawn glow; this morning there was sunshine (yes I do have to get up that early!).

The plus of early morning sunshine is of course the prospect of sneaking in a few daylight pictures before the commute calls:
February 175
this disadvantage is that you are far too asleep to notice that the front of your cardigan is curling inelegantly inwards until you load the pictures onto the computer several house later and actually take a look! Less tangled yoke, more like tangled brain!
February 176
Anyway, the long and the short of the story is that my Tangled Yoke is nearly finished – all I need now are nine little buttons and a bit of sewing on time (we will not speculate on how long that might be given that I popped a coat button on 2nd Feb and it’s still sat in my stitch marker pot waiting to be sewn back on – sorry Mum)

I think I recovered from overtaxing my brain with the cable pattern, and certainly by Saturday I was in a good mood with the cardigan, I even stayed up late to finish the neckband on Saturday night working on the idea that I could knit the button bands, go to town to choose the buttons and have time to start some new train knitting on Sunday.

Three guesses what I did on Sunday morning? Actually you don’t need three – you know the tale is going to involve frogging at some point, this has always been a two steps forward one step back kind of project – I tried the cardigan on on Sunday morning and the front button band pretty much hit me in the chin, even with the short rows in the back.

I ripped back until about an inch above the cable pattern and then did some hefty short rows; over the next ten rows I came in 31 sts on each side and then did the back neck shaping as written in the pattern. I’m really glad I did because it fits so much better now.

I will choose my buttons tomorrow and at some point we can have a little photo shoot and I will post proper FO pictures. For now here’s another bit of the cabling:
February 165

This is probably the truest colour – it’s Rowan Felted Tweed in Herb
I’ve spent the evening playing with a little train knitting – any guesses what colour it is?