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Mapping your toes?


H’s Mardi Gras socks continue to astonish me. I have now knit almost one sock and the toe and a bit of the second and they both have these wonderful pooling stripes. What is particularly impressive is that they swirl in opposite directions. Don’t ask me how – the knitter, the stitch count and the needles have all remained the same and I refuse to believe that I knit that differently when it’s ridiculously cold and my fingers are all pink and white.

The swirls are starting to look like one of those multicoloured weather maps – pink and bright green for the big rain storms and red and blue for the warm and cool fronts perhaps?

I would share pictures but it’s late and dark so for now you’ll just have to use your imagination!

I’ve also started the cabled yoke on my Tangled Yoke – it was going pretty well until I realised that I should have been increasing all the way across the last purl row and I need to tink back – being the woman that I am I’m hiding on the internet instead but I have to go and face the music now!