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Cosy Toes


February 113
It seems only appropriate to finish my red Serendipity socks on Valentine’s day!
February 117
As I was sat knitting on the train home it struck me that these had been a very fast little knit until I realised just how much time I’ve spent on the train recently – if you work on the basis that in the last week it has taken me almost 2 hours to get to work on 3 or 4 days, add a trip to London and a little bit of time correcting mistakes over the weekend perhaps it isn’t that surprising – I’ve just had double the usual amount of train sock knitting time this week.
February 115

Pattern: Ninereed’s Serendipity from the Rockin Sock Club 2008
Yarn: STR Lightweight in Dragons Dance
Needles : 2.25mm – medium size
Started: 6 Feb 2008
Finished: 14 Feb 2008

Result: smiles all round!
What is certainly true is that I love these socks – I can really see why people rave about Socks that Rock and I’m so glad we have our own UK equivalent in Jitterbug (STR comes in longer lengths though – a note to Colinette!).

I’ve still got a good chunk of yarn left over as well as the emergency keyring so I think we’ll be seeing these stripes again some day!
February 118
I am off to enjoy a delicious steak and chips lovingly prepared by my husband – who also has cosy feet!
February 110