Spring perhaps?


Look look look:
January 099
Do you see? Genuine, actual, non-artificial and completely not created by photoshop – SUNSHINE!! (Cue happy Morris Dances heralding the arrival of spring – or something – there should definitely be a lute involved!)

All of this wonderful windy warm weather can mean only one thing in a knitting household; outdoor pictures. Sadly the extent of the garden’s cooperation is this:
January 102
Even I can’t artfully arrange knitting on top of one primula and some daffodil shoots, it would be the end of the daffodils!

Instead we return to the trusty evergreen bush to reveal that:
January 097
I have Azure socks to match the azure sky. I finished these on Thursday but didn’t get around to posting before. As you can see the cuff is a little longer on both socks – the second ball had a bit more yarn in it so I unpicked the sewn cast off and added rounds in one of those almost Heath-Robinson manouvres involving every 2.5mm sock needle in the house, knitting one row on one sock and then one on the other!

And the fit?
January 106

Perfect. Although from my view it’s a bit more like this:
January 109
Having finished the socks I’ve been cracking on with the shawl, which also came out to see the sunshine:
January 110
I am now 4 rows into chart 2 with 4 charts and a 4 row edging to do.

I still don’t know whether I’ll have this finished in time for the wedding next Saturday. I know I’ll need to have it off the needles Thursday night to block it, let it dry Friday and then wear it Saturday – only time (and a lot of knitting) will tell but in the meantime it’s a great pattern to knit and the colour is just … well, just look at this:
January 111

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  • Caroline M 27/01/2008 at 9:08 am

    That is certainly sunshine on those socks, a rare sight indeed. They look lovely, as does the lace. If it’s not finished then no=one will know but you.

  • mandycharlie 27/01/2008 at 9:43 am

    Congratulations on your very first toe up socks! They look wonderful.

    I’m crossing my fingers for you that you manage to finish your gorgeous, gorgeous shawl for your friends wedding this weekend.