Isn’t it amazing…


…what you can accomplish in a relatively short space of time when you stop kicking yourself in the teeth with your own stupidity!

Today I went to court (again) and spent a total of 3 hours on a train.

I did the toe on the second Azure sock last night because the kind of manipulation required to start a toe up sock is not possible when at any moment you may need to grab hold of something if the train jolts, someone might open their newspaper into your face, or, my personal favourite, someone standing in the train next to your seat will dangle their handbag over their shoulder so that it repeatedly swings into you with the motion of the train (actually that was the tube!).

Apart from the toe I did this today:
January 092

I’ve almost finished the gusset increases – yipee

I’ve got at least two more trips this week so these should easily be finished in time to keep my toes toasty at the weekend.

Which leads me onto a side point – there are reports of heavy snow in northern England today. Here it’s 12 degrees C – does anyone know of an unknown, unreported giant volcano located under the West Midlands? – I have my fears!

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