In the beginning


It’s January, it’s dark in the morning when I go to work and it’s dark in the evening when I come home. But somehow that feels right, it feels like it is a right of passage for the new year to be wet and blustery, that a sharp breeze whips down the platform at the train station, freezing my ever-knitting fingers as I wait for the (delayed) train.

The contrast, is that among the dark and stormy work days (I don’t really see out of my office so I’ve no idea what the daytime weather was today), we get occasional beautifully sunny weekend days, and for a while on Sunday we had one of those and boy does it brighten up the house and make you realise how long it’s been grey and rainy.

I curled up in a pool of sunlight on the sofa and finished the latest piece of my “brain-recovery” knitting – the sleeve for Tangled Yoke – and, in a move reminiscent of the summer, I took it outside to meet the daylight, the garden and a camera.

Sadly as there is no snow (grumph) I don’t have a sparkly white background for my photography and many of my usual plant backdrops have either died in the frost, died because that’s what they do or just died anyway. Thank goodness for evergreens:

January 040
I’m sorry it’s a rather boring photo but all the green is pretty, and trust me I’m thinking up puns for when I have a pair!

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