Soctopus – Warning: Spoilers


To anyone who is a member of the club and doesn’t want to see – look away now:

Do the rest of you (by which of course I mean my faithful reader- my mum) want to see?

The Socktopus sock club is set up to run for a year with 6 instalments and on Thursday I came home to a shiny silver package. H promises most of Warwickshire would have heard the squeals so if you live near me and just couldn’t work out what that noise was – sorry, oops!

Anyway the silvery lining turned out to contain:

A Christmas card from Alice and a pink package.

And in the pink package there was a dark dark room, and in the dark dark room – no, sorry oops, wrong time of year.

In the pink pink package there was:

Actually there was also a little bar of chocolate that got hidden in the photo.

The bag is canvas and has a little velcro front pocket to put things in – it also has a drawstring and a strap so that I can dangle it from my wrist if I need to on the train – and I love the red.

Then we have the kit itself – I’ve never done mosaic stitch before which makes up the pattern, the yarn is soft and has cashmere in it and beautiful colours, like nothing in my existing and extensive sock collection and the CD has a recording of Anna Karenina to listen to while I knit. It couldn’t be more perfect for this little train commuter and I love it. I just have to finish off the second Tuscan sock before I start – or maybe I’ll save it to start on the first commute after Christmas – we’ll have to see how strong my will power is!

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  • Caroline M 22/12/2007 at 6:55 pm

    You could have just left it under the tree until Tuesday. No, neither would I.

  • mandycharlie 23/12/2007 at 4:25 am

    Ooooh those socks do look interesting. With the speedy way you knit Carie, I expect they will be on your feet very shortly. 🙂