Progress, no pictures and a first


I’m half way through the very last Christmas knitting. It has to be hidden from H so it may not get finished until next week’s commute but I have made some serious inroads. This means that everything else is done and boy do I need to start wrapping!

I also cast on for my green Ice Queen with little snow coloured beads – it’s very pretty but it’s just been too dark today for a decent picture and I haven’t done that much anyway, it’s more of a green smudge today.

So – the first…..

I met a reindeer. A real live one. I also met two santas and five elves but I have my suspicions about them. Also I was not prevously aware that Land Rover sponsered Santa’s sleigh!

For anyone not currently based in Warwickshire, we recently had a very bad fire locally and two firefighters died. Warwickshire Fire Service has been running a charity collection since then and as part of that they had two reindeer in the town centre today and you could feed them and pet them and they had a photographer to take pictures of the children and the reindeer.

So I petted a beautiful soft white reindeer with caramel and grey spots and proper antlers. I always thought reindeer were quite as big as horses but they only came up to my waist and were so patient and tranquil and soft to stroke.

While I was there two little ones were posing for their photos and the little boy aged about two was cosied up the the reindeer whispering in her ear – I think he was asking her to tell Father Christmas what he’s hoping for in his stocking!

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  • Mary 16/12/2007 at 1:53 pm

    If you’d like a hand with wrapping one evening just call – don’t know about you, but my wrapping is as hideous when I do it on my own, as it is beautiful when I do it as part of a team.

    I saw the reindeer in town yesterday too. Apparently they were only 18 months old so perhaps they’ve still got a way to grow? The people from the paper had just arrived and, wouldn’t you know it, there wasn’t a cute child to be seen. Santa wandering around shouting “any children for the journalists?” is a sight that’ll stay with me.