A bit more catching up


Phew – what a week. The big question of the day will be whether the internet stays alive long enough to allow me to post this. Answer – probably not, it just took ages to get the grocery order to work – grr to the gremlins.

Now then back to the giant update of Christmas treats – Monday night we had our work Christmas quiz and H came up to Brum to add strength to our team. We came 10th out of 16 so I think he did pretty well – we had some unlucky rounds – at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it but it was a lovely evening spent with colleagues and friends.

And having had one late night what better way to follow it than with another – this time a trip to London to see Aida at the Coliseum. WOW, just WOW – if you ever get a chance to see this production it is amazing – lovely singing and just beautifully staged.

Zandra Rhodes designed the costumes so we got our full fill of gold lame Egyptians/daleks, a mechanical elephant/butterfly and acrobats and on-stage trumpeters for the Grand March. The clients we took are not on the whole into opera and they were hooked for the whole 3 hour performance. We also did our bit of celeb-spotting, catching sight of the Marquis of Bath and companion decked out in Harry Potter-esque crushed velvet complete with little round hat – the Marquis would not have looked out of place on the stage, which is perhaps the look he was going for!

Today I took the day off work, ostensibly to recover from this week’s late nights and also to make some Christmas preparations. I have made phone calls, spent a wonderfully long time at the gym and then made major inroads into the Christmas list. The Elf has earned her pointy ears today and there’s only a little bit more knitting to do now that I have the last Christmas yarn.

Have you seen the new Knitty? It is possible that I have been led astray by the cover pattern and that a ball of KSH in british racing green and some snow-coloured beads came home with me – it’s all about the green at the moment, I have a total green obsession – upon considering my work wardrobe (grey, blue, black, dark red) I may be subconsciously seeking balance – thank goodness my subconscious wasn’t into sunshine yellow.

December 017
I have finished the DNA cable scarf and have the photos to proove it:
DNA Scarf 011
The model is David who was once my father’s bear and is now mine. He is much loved as you see and generally sits on my dressing table wearing my wedding circlet unless called upon to be a scarf model!

I am really pleased with the finished scarf, the Rowan Pure Wool DK has bloomed and grown a little during blocking and is now wonderfully soft and snuggly. I didn’t block particularly heavily, just let it soak for a while and then patted it out into shape on some old towels.
DNA Scarf 010
In terms of pattern amendments, the only change was to omit the ribbing section around the neck – I just kept going in the pattern and knit pretty much until I ran out of yarn – I think about 14 repeats although I haven’t counted.

Now if we keep all our fingers and toes tightly crossed I might just try hitting publish!

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