The other end of the candle


(or how the Lady made it!)

If there are seven ages of man then there are at least three stages of knitting (possibly four if you count wearing). First there is the excitement of a new project; figuring out the pattern and enjoying the feel of a new and different yarn slipping through your fingers (unless of course you are making yet another baby blanket!). Sometimes that stage never really wears off but often although you don’t necessarily loose your enthusiasm for a project, you become used to it and knit with familiarity and affection. And then your project reaches its critical mass point….

..(cue middle of the night type music)…this for me is the point at which I know the finish is in sight and I knit on regardless of time and other things I should be doing (like sleeping) to reach the end.

Yesterday evening the Lady reached her critical mass, and my evening started to look like this:
Lady of the Lake
And so it is that last night I found myself still awake at 1.30am having just sewed in the last end and wrapped up in the snuggly depths of a new sweater. Strangely enough H was not particularly interested in the new sweater at 1.30 and I thought it might be a little harsh to have him wake up just to take a picture. He did however, find time to point and shoot the camera this morning as he headed out the door to his match: et voila
Lady of the Lake
This is the light at 10.15 – still worryingly dark but you can see what it looks like. I think it looks better in real life but my attempts to take a shot of myself failed miserably (plus I realised that the bathroom mirror reflects the bit of wall we peeled the wallpaper off to reseal the bath and I’m not showing that to the internets).

Anyway…. the jacket is warm, soft and does up with this little friend:
Lady of the Lake
who could resist!

And with that, NaNoSweMo is complete!

PS – if you’re feeling in need of some Christmas spirit – go and see Mandy’s hat – I think it’s GENIUS!

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  • mandycharlie 24/11/2007 at 2:36 pm

    Your Lady is beautiful, it looks so very pretty, the colours look lovely. You must wear it on Tuesday.

    Thanks for the link (insert giggle) to my Santas hat. It makes me giggle when I see the video too 🙂

  • Mary 25/11/2007 at 12:12 pm

    That is so very pretty.