It’s November


It’s also a good job I didn’t line myself up for NaNoBloMo because as we see I have already let one day in November go by without a blog post. Nevermind, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s posts.

I could perhaps argue that this is really last night’s post – I just got too distracted by the knitting to actually come and post. The eternal question (particularly now that daylight photography is not an option) – do I take a picture and come and post now, or, if I just do one more row, the knitting will be a little bit bigger….

So what had me so captivated?:
Lady of the Lake 002
Fleece Artist’s Lady of the Lake jacket kit. The kit comes will the pattern and three large hanks of yarn which are wonderfully soft and squooshy to wind into balls comme ca:
Lady of the Lake 007
The jacket is knit from side to side, starting at the underarm and involves knitting a row with one yarn and then knitting the same row in the same direction with the different yarn. Sadly the pattern doesn’t say which one is yarn 1 and which yarn 2 but I’ve gone for the Curlylocks being the one I just knit with and the aran the one for the 1×1 rib. Only time will tell whether this is right.

This is the progress so far:
Lady of the Lake 009
The fabric is fluid and has more drape than I was expecting and is just so soft and cuddly it was very hard to put down and I did tentatively pick it up this morning when I was supposed to be heading out the door to work!

Given I’m on 7mm needles I think it should be a relatively quick knit and my little ram is the perfect copper to match the woodland colour of this jacket. Me like!

In other news (beep-de-de-beep-de-de-beep) the latest baby knitwear victim, sorry, cousin sent me a postcard of the sea and I am reliably informed that he likes the blanket and the booties and is doing very well. The meaning of his real name has connections to vision so I was tempted to give him a blog nickname of Sauron but I thought that it was a bit mean for a very sweet little baby and also “the all seeing eye” is my nickname for my boss (because of the way his desk faces) so I’m still thinking of a bloggy name. His cousin is Peggy and the other baby arrival this year is blogged as Buttons (a soft toy connection rather than name meaning) – any ideas?

And finally: BMFA’s Rockin Sock Club 2008 signups are open – guess who joined already – tee hee hee yippee!

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