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Sadly I must report that it is no longer snowing. We will pause while we take a moment to remember the snow (it was pretty) and recollect that now I live about as far away from the sea as I can get and still be English it is possible that it will snow again.

Kate very kindly told me that they have plenty of snow in Norway – she is knitting beautiful mittens to cope. I wonder whether the Norwegians would lend us any?

Precipitation aside I have been engaged in knitting endeavours – some of which I can share with you.

I’m about half way through the _______ for _____ using the pattern from _____ and a bit of my own inspiration. I think _____ will like the ______ as the colour seems just right.

Ok, ok – enough teasing.

My BIL (another C) is a medical man and so his Christmas present from H and I will be the DNA scarf.

This is the current progress:
November 036

[NB – my table is not sunshine yellow I promise]

Please tell me that this looks like DNA (lie if you have to). It is a satisfying knit although I haven’t memorised the pattern yet and as it is not a logical progression I may always need to refer to it. I’ve done two and a bit repeats in this picture and I’m thinking 12 in all but we won’t see C or his wife until after Christmas at the earliest so if it runs behind I’ve got a little leeway.

I have amended the original pattern from the sea-scarf (with ribbing around the neck to keep out the waves) to a straight cable scarf as I think he’s more likely to wear it this way.

And as NaNoEverythingMo draws to a close we have a progress report on the Lady NaNoSweMo of the Lake:
November 025
Bit of a difference from the last picture, no?

I finished the second front last Friday and blocked the body over the weekend. As promised it blocks nicely to 25″ from the medium size length which on me falls just below my natural waist and spot on where I want the jacket to be – I don’t want it too long because I think that would work against the flow of the fabric. I have also done a sleeve as you see (and sewn it up) and I’m racing away down the second sleeve with just the collar before the finishing line. In a week and a half I think it should be do-able and in the meantime it makes a wonderfully cozy bit of lap knitting!

Speaking of which… there is a sofa waiting for me. H informs me that some men are doing something terribly important with a football which will decide whether or not he spends next summer shouting at the telly. By the current groans eminating from the lounge I think the answer may be no! Wifely solicitude and supper is required.

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  • Caroline M 21/11/2007 at 11:20 pm

    I have seen dna scarves before, that looks just like one so I think you’re on safe ground.

    Yes, football, what can I say? At least you can stand down for the summer now.

    Nice sweater btw, I can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Mary 22/11/2007 at 9:48 am

    I think it looks enough like DNA to be recognisable as DNA if someone looks at it properly, but subtle enough so that the average passing glance won’t pick up on it.