A brownie guide does a good deed


It’s perhaps almost 20 years since I was a brownie but somehow in my household, doing a favour to someone still counts as your brownie guide good deed for the day.

Today’s brownie deed has left me shattered and if this post tails off into a sort of fkd;fihgdkjs.vfndjk.f zzzzzzzzz – you know I fell asleep with my face on the keyboard. For today was the infamous day of the church working party and I as am known to all as a compulsive volunteer (how do you think we ended up with the church youth group!!) I was fully in attendance.

Our intrepid gang gathered at the church armed with gloves, spades, garden bags and other useful implements. The observant among you may notice my lack of familiarity with garden terminology. My role in our garden is to weed; choose the plants and plant them – H does all the things he considers to be manly which fortunately for me includes removing moss from conservatories and power-washing the patio ( I think he likes playing with the toys).

My weeding at our house has been largely successful when actually carried out (I’m very carefully framing photographs around a giant thistle in the middle of the flower bed) but I’ve never quite lived down weeding out my Father-in-Law’s primulas one summer.

Anyway I don’t think the churchyard has had a working party for many years and with all the trees we have big gutter and gully problems. Vee and I spent today on our hands and knees in the gullies around the bottom of the walls bailing out leaves and then shovelling out 4″ of mud/leaf mould and a whole load of worms – nice! I can proudly announce that as of 12.15 today the gullies were clear of leaves for at least 30 seconds before the wind blew again!!

All this plus a swim has left me curled up in a tired little heap, and what do tired little heaps do? they knit!

And now for our fashion parade tonight (cue lights and music – boom-de-de-doom etc). (in voice appropriate to 1930s newsreel narrator) Item one on our catwalk of finishing:

C’s Christmas scarf:
November 008
This delightful alpaca scarf is pink and sparkly and very snuggly. It has not yet been blocked (bad knitter) but has found time in its busy schedule of waiting-to-be-blocked to take time to cuddle the Cosmos. Lets hope she likes it!

Ladies and Gentleman we are also please to present a work in progress – the back and a front of the Lady NaNoSweMo:
November 011
Progress continues apace on this cardigan-to-be which at present resembles an asymettric tunic top. Our sources reveal that it will block out a lot longer than it looks, and just look at that lovely stitching:
November 015
And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for….. a pair of Monkeys:
November 022
With a natty picot edge;
November 023
November 024
an eye of partridge heel and in pink, peach and slate blue how could any well dressed Carie leave home without them!

Other Christmassy things are on the needles and are in Ravelry but will remain anonymous for the moment so this is the little heap signing out!

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  • Caroline M 10/11/2007 at 9:32 pm

    I have Monkeys of my own but no cardigan like that. I have been hovering over the kit but I haven’t pressed that button yet. I might do by the end of the month when you will have finished.

  • Tanya 11/11/2007 at 12:22 am

    Everything is so pretty but those heels are amazing!

    I’m glad some gardeners exist in this world to compensate for my lack thereof.

  • Mary 11/11/2007 at 10:45 am

    Those are so very pretty socks.

  • mandycharlie 12/11/2007 at 11:55 am

    You have composted that lovely leaf mould, worms and sludge, haven’t you?

    Your monkey socks are beautiful, I love both the picot edge and the partridge heel, it really finishes them off a treat. And your scarf is Bbbbeautiful.

  • Susan Pandorf 14/11/2007 at 12:33 am

    I know just what you mean. I can’t seem to keep my eyes ope

    fkd;fihgdkjs.vfndjk.f zzzzzzzzz

    Oops, lost another one…