The end is nye


Well sort of. Tomorrow I officially return to work but actually I’m going out on a site visit so the e-mails will remain unread for another day (phew!). It is somewhat putting off the inevitable but right now that’s OK by me.

I have LOVED being on holiday even though it’s gone far too fast and I’ve LOVED being able to spend time with H and the family without their being any time pressure or need to get other things done.

I’ve also done a ton of knitting while H painted and that too has been relaxing. So in achievements I can list a completed baby blanket (still no baby – as far as I know); a completed cushion cover (non-knitting but one of my oldest UFOs), a completed Argosy scarf and serious progress on two Christmas projects (over half way on one and just about half way on the other). Thanks to Ravelry I have also discovered all the other things that I want to make for Christmas but may well have no where near enough time!

Foxglove is my main knit at the moment and I have finished both fronts and the back and I’m making progress up the first sleeve. I think I like how it will look but a lot depends on the crochet flowers – I joined the shoulder seams and discovered that the arm holes were far too deep and the whole thing was gapeing off me in a most revealing manner so I have taken 4″ out of the arm hole and it now looks a whole lot better. I think when the flowers are on and the ties are in there will be a dramatic improvement. I hope so anyway because the colour is lovely and the knitted fabric has a wonderful soft drape. With a bit of luck I will figure out the crochet easily enough and be able to make the flowers on the train – time will tell so watch this space!

In the meantime the stress levels are starting to build (my presentation tomorrow is the main reason we are going on a site visit) so I’m going back to my stst sleeve for comfort!

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