Manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …


Blogging has sadly been lacking from the curiculum for the last week as H and I gear up for a wonderful two weeks off work (it’s wonderful but hasn’t quite sunk in yet!). Unfortunately being off work for two weeks means making sure that your work is in a state that can be left for two weeks hence the manic. Now, enough worky-talk; all is play for the next two weeks.

The time not spent working has been spent knitting like the sheep were about to come and ask for the wool back. Baby 3 is due shortly and I am determined that he (for it is another he) shall have a finished blanket to greet him.

The fact that this is the third blanket within 6 months means that it has rather lost the novelty value and somewhat removes my incentive to blog about it – that and it’s dark when I get home at the moment so I can’t take particularly good piccies.

I started while I was waiting for Kauni to dry and 1 week later it looks a little bit further on than this:
Alphabet Blanket 2
this is actually blanket 2 but under better light than any current picture of blanket 3.

So.. 1 tier and 4 borders to go and we will be ready to welcome Baby 3.

On a side note – Babies 1 and 2 were both boys and both named E – I already know that Baby 3 is a boy so the question is – (1) do I get a hat trick on the names as well and (2) can you influence a baby’s gender by knitting an alphabet blanket?

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