Dear Baby R


My little second-cousin-to-be: I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected from among my readers to make your way into the world shortly (all the others have already done so).

Your bootees are ready, you have one wee sock and most of all:
Blanket 3 002

You have a blanket. It is soft and beautiful as always and will help you to play with your letters at some point (I double checked and they are in the right order). Despite all of my mutterings about endless edging triangles and dejected sighing when I realised that there are 100 edging triangles in total, this blanket was made with much love, to give you the very best welcome into the world and into my family that I can give and by the special request of your Great-Uncle (who it must be said has very good taste in these things).

I know that as you get bigger you will chew the edging, drop it in puddles, make tents with it and I hope it will stand the test of time. Now if you want to hang on for a bit I’ll finish off your other sock and rescue your blanket from the washing machine.

Otherwise, Mum-to-be of Baby R; fire at will.

Love Cariemay

PS – let me know if your name begins with E- I am studying the corrolation
PPS to everyone else – proper photoshoot and details will follow later

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