Autumnal knitting


The leaves have started to turn, it’s dusky and dark by the time I get home and all this means cosy knitting and indoor flash photography. The former is great, the latter not so much!

All of this enforced snuggliness does mean that it is no hardship to have a large wool jumper in my lap and so I have finished the second Kauni sleeve.

This one seemed to take ages, probably because I redid the cast off twice and then re-knit the cuff on the first sleeve. They are at last how I like them and as you see, distinctly not matching!!
Kauni Sleeves
While I deliberate over the colours of the button band and neckline I’m making steady stocking stitch progress up the back of Foxglove – it really isn’t very exciting so there isn’t a picture.

The current sock in progress is Nancy Bush’s Travellers’ Sock in Lorna’s Laces Devon colourway – it seemed appropriate.
Travellers Sock
The pattern on the cuff (a) takes ages to knit and a lot of concentration for first thing in the morning and (b) pops a lot more in 3-D than it does in the photo and a bit better when there is some tension behind it. I’ll try and get a better picture when I have a finished sock but for the moment I’m on an easy run down to the heel.

Beep-beep-de-de-beep – here ends the knitting news – let me know which colour combinations you think I should use for Kauni.

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  • Susan Pandorf 05/09/2007 at 4:52 pm

    Hi Carie! Just catching up with your blog. Have been sick and in and out of town, to say nothing of busy with actual knitting, as opposed to writing and reading about knitting!

    Anyway, I read with horror your pitiful essay about the lack of summer in your corner of the world. My heart grieves for your loss.

    Really. It does. Honestly.

    Despite the fact that her in the Midwest US it is due to hit 90 degrees sometime within the next hour. Oh , be still my heart.

    My heart leaps with joy.

    Really. It does. Honestly.

    Wanna’ trade?

    Balmy (the weather, not me) blessings!