Playing catch up


Suffice to say that sufficient time has now passed from the weekend to allow me to catch my breath and give a little update for oh yes, life has been busy chez ours.

I think when I last left off I was curled up in a ball feeling very sorry for myself and I’m happy to report that matters started to improve over the weekend. This was a good thing as this weekend marked the momentous occasion of (as my father said), “two down, none to go”.

He was of course talking of his most beloved daughters, neither of whom is his responsibility any more as my little sister Zee became Mrs W. Hopefully she and my new little brother (who will understand completely why his blog nickname is Daniel!!) will not mind me sharing a couple of photos of the happy occasion:

The bride and groom looked radiant all day
We prooved that sisters do not look alike (NB – apparently we have similar ears but you can’t see it in the photos – that’s the only similarity anyone appears to be able to find in the pair of us!); and that aunts cannot be relied upon to identify their 6′ niece from a choice of two bridesmaids – one of whom is 5’6″ (although admitedly Zee’s other bridesmaid looks a lot more like her)
And at the end of it all a very tired Matron of Honour kicked off her shoes in the sunshine. This is my parents’ balcony and that view isn’t a backdrop – you can only imagine how hard it was to tear ourselves away and come back to work on Monday.

So….. knitting …. I’m sure someone is reading this thinking that there must be knitting somewhere in all these plans and sure enough their was: Kauni’s tube body is finished.

The further advantage of being at the parents is a whole new variety of flowers to drape knitwear all over. (I thought they’d never notice until we gave Dad our camera memory card to copy the pictures of the wedding and he got a whole load of Kauni/his flowers!):


And some different flowers:


I am afraid to report that the steeking is still waiting to be done and will probably wait until this weekend as I don’t want to rush things and if I sat down on an evening I know I would be tired and make mistakes – you can only cut once!

In the meantime I’m knitting up a mystery stole storm as the last clue is due on Friday and I’m loving the lace

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  • Susan Pandorf 14/08/2007 at 3:56 pm

    Isn’t she lovely!

    No, not the flowers.
    No, not the sweater.
    No, not the bride.
    No, not the view.

    YOU! That is one fantabulous lookin’ Matron thing you got goin’ there. And the dress looks like something you might even wear again sometime.

    Blessings and welcome back!

  • Caroline M 14/08/2007 at 4:33 pm

    I’m impressed at your dedication – I took my knitting to the beach and got nothing done. I was too busy working out which way the tide was going, admiring sandcastles and seeing what lovely sand writing you can do with a 2.75mm dpn