Knit knit knit


Is all I appear to be fit for today as the summer cold that has been circulating through the office air conditioning has finally caught up with me so today has been spent dozing, reading (more on that later) and playing with Kauni along with my constant companions!
Kauni 025
Kauni is still behaving very nicely and as always the advantage of a sweater knit in the round is that you can try it on as you go…
Kauni 011
On the good side I am now past the armholes
Kauni 012
and the front neck shaping
Kauni 019
but on the down side it means I must now come face to face with the fact that I have to take a pair of scissors to my knitting. At the rate I’m going I anticipate the deed (at least for one of the armholes) taking place over the weekend or possibly early next week. Suitable amounts of alcohol and ice cream will be brought in for the purpose.

I’m still entranced by the pretty colour changes – the colour repeats are not always the same length so I’ve not actually had a true band repeat yet which is fantastic.
Kauni 023
There has been much discussion across the bloggysphere about the merits and challenges of getting matching sleeves. For the moment I think I will probably go with deliberately mis-matched sleeves – the only way I can think of to get truly matching sleeves would be to knit them seperately as a giant tube with two steeks and the seam and sew them in – otherwise if you didn’t start in quite the right place – and there are no clear colour changes – I just know I’d end up slightly out and it would bug me far more than being deliberately different – let me know what you think.

As I said, the rest of my time has been spent playing with new books – the new Rowan is out as are the new RYC books and I have acquired both Accessories and Travel. Whilst all three have the usual batch of comedy projects, there are a few things to add to my “must knit” list including a gorgeous wrap top in the Accessories book made from RYC wool silk DK – yum!

I have to go cough now – try not to catch the bug through the internet!

PS News from Peggy – she likes the sheep

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