At long last


[NB this post has MS3 Spoilers in it. If you don’t want to know what the theme is then come back later]

We have had a wonderful true day of summer – it may well be the only one by the looks of the grey cloud currently filing my small square of sky (I’m at work and it’s Monday – can you tell?) – but yesterday was a brilliant 28/29C and not a cloud in the sky.

As befits such a gem we quickly abandonned all pretence of doing anything serious and gave over to the pleasures of sitting in the sunshine.

And what should a girl do when sitting in the sunshine? …… Knit of course.

I have been rather hiding from the internet since Friday when the theme and latest Mystery Stole clue was published as I was some way from finishing the long clue and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Mid-afternoon yesterday I had reached here:
MS3 030
Or here if you like these flowers better:
MS3 032
The surprise was well worth the wait – the theme is Swan Lake and the final section of the stole is a “wing” to sweep round at the end of the stole. There is always the option to repeat the first section and have two matching halves but I’m all game for the wing and the lace pattern in it is lovely and feathery.

Chart G gives you this:
MS3 034
And chart H (finished in the evening hence the rubbish photography) gives you this:
MS3 037
It’s quite hard to photograph well while on the needles but I think that the outside edge should run vertical and we will keep adding to the inner edge until it is a big sweepy wing. It is very addictive knitting – roll on Friday!

Just to confuse myself with all the lace I’ve also finished the first New England sock (thanks to a nice traffic jam on the motorway on Friday evening). The confusion is that the symbols in MS3 and in the sock mean different things – I don’t always remember that first thing in the morning – much oops!
New England
I hope you all had similarly wonderful weekends

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  • Mary 06/08/2007 at 5:42 pm

    Amazingly enough I spent a significant portion of it sitting on a blanket in the park working on my sock (I’m doing sock!) while Steve ran around taking photos of things.

    Hopefully see you at WoW tomorrow evening?