Nice weather for ducks

I have a sincere, genuine and heartfelt apology for the people of the West Midlands. At 2.30pm I turned on my washing machine to wash, amongst other things, the mattress protector that must be dry and back on the bed before I can make it up to go to sleep tonight. At 3pm, as the washing machine teetered across the kitchen floor towards its final cycle, it began to rain.

It is still raining.

I appear to have invoked the wrath of the laundry gods.

Oops. As I said; sorry about that.

On the plus side the rain did hold off long enough this morning to allow me to sneak outside with the camera for some progress shots which are not either (a) blurry or (b) blindingly flashy. So what have I been up to? well….

Faithful reader you will know that project monogamy is not my strongest suit. Knitting is fun therefore more knitting is more fun would be my motto. I generally have at least one or two large projects and a whole heap of socks going at any one time.

On Monday afternoon I had nothing on my needles. Nothing. (Please imagine for yourselves horror movie noises of the Jaws/Psycho variety). I can only assume that this was the cause of my viral startitis. And what’s more this is not ordinary startitis, this is rainbow startitis – be afraid, be very afraid.
First my beloved Kauni Cardigan (“so pretty“).

When not knitting it (and there hasn’t been much of that) I sit and stroke it (“oh so pretty“). I love this project. It also inspires project envy in fellow knitters who have been observed in their natural habitat excitedly exclaiming as we gently drift from one colour to the next. I know that I will look like a giant stripy rainbow wearing this cardigan and I love it anyway. It will always make me happy. [Note to self: people on the train give you odd looks if you keep cheeping “ooo it’s going purple; no look, this bit’s definitely orange!“]
Despite the rain we have been on a few expeditions during the course of the week and for that I needed car knitting. Whilst the idea of taking the Monet Jitterbug to see a Monet painting was tempting, I didn’t have time to wind it and I wanted something that didn’t involve pattern reading so out popped this:
A rainbow sock for H (he chose the colour himself). If Kauni didn’t cure your SAD then this sock certainly does. If you allow for turquoise rather than indigo then you’ve just about got your Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.
My startitis appears to be entering a new (and possibly more aggressive stage) as I am about to cast on the second Alphabet Blanket in cream, which as we know if what happens if you spin a rainbow really fast.
I have also signed up for Mystery Stole 3 (which closes tomorrow so be quick). The project colours suggested are white or black or something similar. I have plans to try some Patons Baby 2ply which works out to white laceweight and as I’m a bit behind on the clues I’ll need to try to catch up over the weekend.
All this rain does seem to have done some good to the garden and the sunflower seems to like it!

Now then, where did I leave my needles?

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  • Tamara 11/07/2007 at 5:35 pm

    oooooh, pretty!