One Sunny Day

I finished a sleeve. Sadly it is not a pink sleeve as no doubt you were all hoping, it is a green sleeve. It may also be slightly smaller than the pink sleeve – just a nice little stst sleeve for Peggy’s dress.
Aimee is sat in the corner learning that frogging KSH requires time alone. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to make some progress this week.
As anyone in the UK will tell you, this has been a gorgeous weekend and I went on an expetition (as another bear of little brain would say!).
I went here:
Any guesses?
Now? OK, the next two should help:

Indeed, I went up to London to visit my sister for the day. We had a fantastic time, we went for lunch, we walked along by the Thames in Putney (hence Putney bridge pictures) and most importantly we went to Stash to drool over some imported yarns.

Mmmmmmm pretty things including Lorna’s Laces, Koigu and Handmaiden Sea Silk! I of course was very restrained however, I did notice this morning that our plants have started to show some really unusual foliage. Please can any budding botantists tell me why my garden has started to grow Koigu?

– must be the yarn fairy!

I also made it into central London where I encountered this:

This van was blowing bubbles and the driver was singing on a microphone as they went along – truly bizarre but rather fun at the same time!

Of course I can have had only one destination:

In the packet are two ribbon options for Aimee – either the pale pink which H prefers or the spotty one for a bit of fun!!

As as for today, gorgeous sunshine and a lovely barbeque – what more could a girl want except not to have to go to work in the morning!!

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  • Susan Pandorf 04/06/2007 at 3:15 pm

    Let me get this straight.
    1 You went to Liberty of London.
    2. You saw the wall of yarn.
    3. You didn’t drown in a pool of your own drool.
    4. You made it out without buying any yarn?

    You’re my hero! You musy have resolve in superhuman amounts!