In the pink

This morning it did not rain. I conclude that this is because an ancient English rain dance has almost finished. Sadly for us cyclists another and possibly more potent ancient English rain dance is about to begin. I forsee more rain and a few over-optimistic newspaper headlines.

By the way if anyone had been in any doubt as to my nationality then I am convinced that the last few posts have proved it beyond contestation!

Peggy’s dress is still blocking and I have to say I’m rather sad to have finished it – I really enjoyed making it, particularly the shoes – maybe I should just make a pair of baby shoes now and again just for the fun of it. I’m sure I can convince enough people to have babies – little sis??!

Now we all know that the way to take the edge off the project completion blues is to start another project. I may have pre-empted the finishing with my Sockpalooza’s socks but they are now on the needles: The pattern is the spiral boot socks from the Summer IK and I’m using Opal in a nice pink colour.
This pattern is great for train knitting as it is very memorable and it’s very clever. The socks are knee high to keep my pal’s legs warm in her northerly climes and rather than have a seam line at the back to do the calf shaping you decrease the sts between the yo and the k2tog at various points so the spiral keeps on going. I just hope she likes them!
Pink appears to be colour de jour at the moment which is partially a fall over from Project Spectrum’s last triad and partially because I like it. Aimee has been rescued from the naughty stop for bad knitting and I have got going on the end of that first sleeve. I just hope it’s long enough – it would be so typical to have ripped back because it was too long and then have it turn out too short!

I have a number of projects calling to me from the knitting queue (not least the second baby blanket) but I shall try to finish off Aimee and my tired roses scarf before starting anything major – at least that’s the aim!!

Now then, today is Tuesday so it is time for a randon Tuesday knit-blog. Today’s random Tuesday blog selected by the Knit Pligg is:


So go and say hello – her sockpalooza socks are fantastic mosaic stitch knitting that put my pink knee socks quite in the shade!

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  • Susan Pandorf 19/06/2007 at 5:49 pm

    No Carie, I’m sorry, but the reason you have no rain today is because WE HAVE IT!

    And it’s about bloody time too. It was beginning to look like the African grasslands around here.

    Boy do we need this rain! Thanks for sharing.


  • Korinthe 20/06/2007 at 8:57 pm

    I was wondering, where did you get the green caps for the ends of your sock needles? They look like just the thing.

    Beautiful green sheep dress, too 🙂

  • Caroline M 21/06/2007 at 8:14 pm

    You missed out Glastonbury, it just wouldn’t be the same without the mud.