A little less conversation


A little more action ..

and I have a new progress report:

Not the best photo admittedly but this is the front of Peggy’s dress all finished and languishing in a hebe bush at dusk. I would have finished early enough to take a decent photo but I was finishing a book and then we had a barbeque.

The book (the Da Vinci code was a light jaunt for a Sunday) and the barbeque was fabulous – H has serious BBQ skills and accordingly he cooks twice as much in the summer because we eat outside.

I now have a sleeve, the collar and a bit of sewing up to do and the dress is finished – just the shoes and possibly a small fluffy sheep to knit before Peggy’s birthday – no stress!

Interestingly for all the knitting I do in public on a daily basis on the train I rather missed out on knit in public day as my parents came to visit and when we went on our impromptu expedition both the camera and the knitting stayed behind. I knit in my garden and the bees and the red and black butterfly that sat on my toes were duly impressed!

Today we went to hear Tony Campolo who is travelling in the area and speaking at a number of churches over the next week. He is a very good speaker; challenging in all the right ways and was well worth hearing – lots of food for thought!

Now after my exhausting afternoon sat knitting in the garden I have to go and darn in some ends!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  • Susan Pandorf 11/06/2007 at 6:55 pm

    Oh Carie! That dress is adorable. Love the lattice work on the bodice. Adds just the right delicate detail to balance out the sheep along the hem.

    Peggy will love it!