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Ticking over


It’s raining again. Or rather it’s still raining. It’s raining the kind of rain that seeps into your very bones and makes you feel as if it has been raining forever and will continue to rain forever.

I have been knitting (and eating ice-cream but we’ll concentrate on the knitting). I have been knitting to match the rain; time consuming sleeve knitting, completing all the sl 1, k1, psso repeats that make the lacey panels on Aimee.

However, I have now finished both sleeves and in a change to usual form I blocked out the individual pieces to stretch the lace yesterday. This evening’s task is to sew the shoulder seams and knit the neckband. If I get onto the rest of the seaming then all well and good but if not it can wait for tomorrow’s knit night.

I really do like Aimee but it has been a bit of a push to the finish because the knitting is not complex enough to keep me really interested (the equivalent to a book you can’t put down), nor is it quick stst which doesn’t require attention.

If it ever stops raining then I might get a chance to model it for you (fingers’ crossed).

In other news I am now onto the second spiral boot sock and I have a lovely long train trip to London for a training course to really get my teeth into it! This pattern (from the latest IK) has everything you could want in a pattern – it has interesting but subtle changes as you go down the leg so it breaks up into natural stages and the pattern itself is nice and memorable.

That and the finished sock looks fab. I’m very impressed with how much yarn there is in a ball of Opal and it may be that I don’t need the full two balls and I might squeeze out a pair for myself – time will tell!

Sunshine is promised for the end of the week and next week I have a week off work (supposedly lounging around in the garden!) so I shall try to make good progress on my tired roses scarf this week and then next week I can treat myself to a bout of startitis. Whilst there are more practical projects to start than a wooly cardigan in July I think that Kauni and the next baby blanket are calling to me!