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Double Trouble

Once upon a time, Long long ago (well not that long ago) there were two Mummies. One in the North (brr, chilly) and one a bit further South but not as far south as she could have been and somewhat to the east. Both (by this time) had a little baby in their arms. One baby looked like Captain Pugwash, the other looked quite cute and baby-like. Both dearly loved and the apples of their father’s eyes (we were good and innocent and mostly asleep at that stage).

Fast-forward 27 years and by some miracle both babies grew up, survived school and university, found each other and got married – double trouble and double the birthday!

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes for the pair of us, we have had a fantastic day and I am going to go and enjoy every last second. I’ll tell you all about it and answer some outstanding questions tomorrow!