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Random Tuesday


Sock spotting in the wider world web

I know it isn’t Tuesday but we might have to forgive that; Tuesday’s are for spotting socks in places where you haven’t looked before and to be truly random I let the Sockpalooza Knit Phiqq choose Yoshimi Knits for me.

What is impressive is that of all the 1000+ knitters worldwide in Sockpalooza, this one lives about an hour away from me – what are the chances.

Anyway what really impressed me was the fact that she has hand dyed yarn with tea and coffee which is certainly a natural dye and the colours she has produced are lovely and soft cool brown/cream colours (at least that’s how it looks on my monitor!) – really impressive.

Ao, go and visit Yoshimi and see her socks and say Happy Sockpalooza! Also congratualte her on her very great taste in liking Yes Prime Minister – classic comedy never fails!