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Things that are decidedly not finished


From the knitter who appears to be winning prizes left right and centre for “self-explanatory blog post headings”.

A minor correction: Smocking not smoking. I’ve never smoked or even been tempted. Having said that I’ve never smocked either but Peggy’s dress – that’s knitted mock-smock – not a whiff of doubt about it! Thanks Tanya – I had such a giggle when I realised the typo!!

Hmm… which leaves us with Aimee. I industriously picked up the first sleeve last night and, in the company of Little Miss Sunshine, happily completed the sleeve. Today I decided to trial run the sleeve because I was a bit worried about the length so I sewed the side seam, the sleeve head and the sleeve seam with running st in a smooth yarn and tried it on.

Conclusion: The sleeve is too long and does not match the stripes on the top of the sweater.
Solution: rip out a sleeve head’s worth of Kid Silk Haze – grr

The deed is now done and whilst ripping the KSH was a little painful (and involved careful scissor work to free some of the yarn) it will be better for it and I love both the look and the feel of the finished sweater so it would be stupid to spoil it now (note to self, keep repeating this mantra and feeling of pain in solar plexus will go away; note to fellow knitters – send sympathy – it was a lot of unpicking of a very clingy yarn)

Whilst tomorrow is another day I have accepted that given the work I need to do over the weekend, finishing Aimee in the very near future is unrealistic.

However, as we are now in a new Project Spectrum triad I do need to finish it soon. Watch this space!