Silence may be golden but I find that while the little gremliny virus inhabits our home computer and the internet and all things lovely that go with it are off limits (or very severely limited) I miss blogging and I really miss my commuting podcasts. All I can say is that I’m going to have a bonanza when we are restored to life (hopefully this weekend).

For the moment you will still have to imagine the pretty things I am making; the tired roses lace scarf has got a little longer, ed a gorgeous pair of Nancy Bush’s Conwy socks are on the needles in Lucy Neatby’s Celestial Merino in the Sugar Maple colourway, advice I have a partially started project in green and white which will eventually be a sock (possibly) but we’ll have to wait and see. I also have magically acquired some green baby cashmerino and two skeins of Monet in Jitterbug. The latter is for socks and the former – we’ll again you’ll have to wait and see.

In conclusion, purchase being taken away from the internet makes me buy more yarn. (See it’s not my fault really). I tried to convince the girls at knitting that it was really loft insulation but the fact that it is insulating the floor of my study or the ceiling of my kitchen perhaps undermines that theory.

In other big news I have had a cunning plan. As the plan has now been running a week and is therefore a distinct plan and not a figment of my imagination I can feel free to share it with you. Every day I have to travel to the station and then catch the train to work. The parking for the station has gone up astronomically recently and it is now about half of my season ticket for the train. So I’ve hopped on my bike (or rather H’s bike, it has a more comfortable saddle!). I now cycle to and from the station which takes about 15 mins each way. The parking is free, I get to cut the queues at the traffic lights the exercise is beneficial and it releases some yarn funds – what’s to loose.

The only slight disadvantage is that it has rained every single day since I started doing this – please tell me it’s not related.

If you’re reading this from the blog page and not through bloglines etc then you will see that Achilles the tortoise has made a major jump forwards (most un-tortoise like). Although I am still running as well as cycling I think as they are Carie-propelled miles rather than engine driven they count – I shall try to get 50 of my miles running and the rest will be covered by the cycling!

I felt very virtuous going out running last night albeit for a small lap of the common given I had just cycled home AND it was raining. When I started out it was only freckling rain but it quickly matured into a full blown downpour – delightful.

Actually it meant no-one was playing on the deathslide by the time I got there so I had a couple of runs as a warm down!

All this virtue was amply rewarded by the arrival of the new Interweave Knits. I wasn’t too enamoured of the last copy and none of the patterns particularly jumped out but this one has some stars. I think the boot socks will be perfect for my sockpalooza pal, and I love the Notre Dame pullover and I am secretly tempted by the Kate Gilbert one shouldered top. Full credit goes to H who was greeted by the news of a new magazine with some really great patterns and managed to look delighted at the prospect of more yarn in our house – one of many reasons why I married him.

The gremlin is due to be evicted at the weekend I hope so full service should resume shortly.

See you soon

  • Caroline M 17/05/2007 at 4:15 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about the gremlins but don’t send them to me please.

    Freckling rain sounds mmuch better than what we call it – bee wee.