Making Mud Pies


It’s all action here!

Fond readers of this blog (ie Mum and Dad) may have noticed that H and my attitude to our garden is a little haphazard – we buy things we like, we plant them, we attempt to look after them and we see how we go. We also painted our bench blue (enough said!!).

However, heavy clay soil not withstanding, we do aspire to a pretty garden and so far our scheme of municipal bedding plants is doing great. Our trip to the westcountry at the weekend saw a little “raid” on the parents cold frame as inspired by this site which has some very useful tips including cadging plants off your nearest and dearest (well that’s how I read it anyway).

Parents you may have thought it was a spur of the moment decision to fill our car with your spare plants but now that I am safely 200 miles away I can reveal my malice aforethought (actually we were just going to beg for cuttings but you are as always wonderfully generous and the plants are great).

It is also possible that this plan was not fully known to H when we chose to take his nice shiny car as opposed to my slightly tired car! oops!

Anyway… on Monday we popped a few lettuces in a small trough, yesterday H drilled me some drainage holes in the big trough and this evening I have been pretending to be gardening but in reality it’s been mud pies all the way! Yippee

The finished product? (and we use finished in the loosest possible way!):
This is the veggie patch – a lot of lettuce, two tomato plants and a courgette. Lovingly placed near the back door so that I can scare away the pigeons by making funny faces through the glass!A newly planted flower bed – cracking photography this evening – even I can’t tell what’s what in the picture and I planted it all. For those in the know we have some red Silvia, some Geraniums, Cosmos, Cotton Lavender, a Hebe and some foxgloves (oh and some pre-exisiting Roses!).
H thinks it is very pretty and I was rewarded for my valient efforts with a wine gum. Clearly gardening (even of the heavy digging in our solid soil) is considered reward enough whereas excessive housework has on occasion promoted the arrival of yarn in the house – now where did I put the hoover?
Lest you think I have entirely abandonned ship and gone over to the green side I have the following knitting progress reports:
Aimee: nearly finished a sleeve, is slightly longer than when last photographed.
Peggy’s Sheep Dress: nearly finished the back, is slightly longer than when last photographed.
Conwy sock: nearly finished the second sock, is slightly longer than when last photographed.
Tired Roses scarf: is lurking.
I do promise pretty pictures when I am finished something, until then I leave you with a floral tribute to the outgoing Project Spectrum triad of pink, green and yellow:

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  • Mary 31/05/2007 at 3:39 pm

    Looks good! Glad you’re having fun with it 🙂

    I am never going to be bumming plants off my parents. My mother once killed a Resurrection plant.

  • Caroline M 08/06/2007 at 9:01 am

    The courgette will take over the world, it will be tripping you up as you come out of the door in no time flat. I planted four last year and we’re still eating it out of the freezer.