H’s Happy Feet


H’s anniversary socks and my first socks for May are officially off the needles. Despite great attempts by the yarn to avoid producing a matching pair of socks I finally finagled them into submission on the train to work this morning only to discover I hadn’t put my scissors back in my bag and couldn’t complete the kitchener without working out how to detach four separate strands of yarn from the knitting. Basically this yarn has a very long pattern repeat in two halves that look fairly similar but have subtle differences. In starting the second sock I had to wind on a fair way and so couldn’t finish the sock without needing to go back to the beginning, and then I had to wind off a bit more again to get to the right place and then that ran out and then I ended up just matching the rows from the first sock with random lengths of colour from all over.

However, the important thing is that they are soft and lovely and H thinks they’re great (and they climbed the Eiffel Tower – that’s pretty cool too)

And now the news: (beep-di-di-beep-di-di-beep)

In the ongoing Alphabet Blanket v Baby fixture:

Blanket edgings 2
Baby 0

However our insider (the midwife) reported on Wedneday evening that the Baby was likely to be around in the next couple of days and this knitting reporter considers that it will be a minor miracle if the blanket outwits the baby long enough for the blanket to be given to the father pre-birth (ie Tuesday). The knitting reporter notes that the father left work at 3pm today but was assured at the time that this was not related to an impending arrival.

Two more edgings (these with more complicated picking up of stitches) to go and then a washing machine visit and a hefty blocking. We are looking on track for Tuesday, whether there is anyone at work to give it to is a completely different question.

May the knitting karma which traditionally prevents birth before the completion of knitwear be with the blanket – this child is trying to be over a week early!

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  • Mary 07/05/2007 at 10:17 am

    oooh, best of luck! It does look gorgeous.

  • Odie 08/05/2007 at 11:54 pm

    I love the colors of these socks! Just wandering why my bf only wants to wear only grey or black socks…