Ah ha


Blanket mystery has been partially solved – my boss is holding back the presents we gave him until the baby actually makes an appearance. As to date (and time) we have no baby, the blanket has not been unwrapped – perhaps they can be restored to lovers of knitwear status after all.

All of which means – come on baby!

In techie news out internet has really died at home (I’m posting from work on my lunch break) and we don’t know whether we are virussed or the router broke or quite what. A couple of days ago I could get it to work for long enough to get my pictures onto Photobucket but now not even that so for the moment you just have to imagine that I am knitting very pretty things (because I am).

Question: is it crossing the borderlands of normality to lay out all your fresh (as opposed to part knitted) sock yarn on the floor to look at it to make yourself happy? It is very pretty sock yarn!

As they say in Brummie-land; ta-ra for now!

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  • Mary 19/05/2007 at 1:39 pm

    Sounds normal to me.