It’s the time of the season

Farewell to Blue, Grey and White of winter and hello to the new April/May colours of Pink Yellow and Green for this new sector of Project Spectrum. To celebrate even the plants in the garden have arrived on cue:

Sadly the pink ones blew over in the wind and I didn’t think petals on the ground had quite the same effect!
However, before I do consign all of the blue/grey/white yarn to the back of the stash for a bit, time for a little reflection on the last two months of blue projects. We have two pairs of socks in blue and blue/purple , my wonderful trellis scarf, a set of hat and mittens and last but not least my refined raglan. (plus two pairs of bookbooksecret socks). Gosh, that’s actually quite a lots of knitting – no wonder my house looks the way it does!.
I have LOVED the blue/white/grey (although there wasn’t much grey) and it has seemed so appropriate to be knitting in those colours to match the outside world and it has matched very well with my UFO and Stashbustalong which finishes round one at least on 15 April.
In the last two months I have finished my oldest UFO (the trellis scarf) and knitted up the largest amount of yarn that has spent the longest in my stash when the deep blue alpaca finally told me what it wanted to be.
Looking forward I can happily embrace yellow pink and green with my Raspberry red/pink Aimee that needs finishing, some yellow white and green varigated dishcloth cotton which I am very tempted to use to make this although I think that this is very clever and might be rather fun. I also have one skein of delicious silk laceweight in the colour Tired Roses which is soft green and pink and is just wonderful to look at. I’ve written myself a pattern for a scarf based on a few other patterns I’ve seen around – if it’s a success I may tell you about it!
I also know of a couple of babies in waiting who belong to families fully deserving of knitted goodies to welcome their arrival into the world and as they are both summer babes it seems cruel to inflict knitted jackets which won’t fit by the time it is really cool enough for the bambinos to wear them (plus I have no idea whether they are boys or girls) so this time it’s blankets – more specifically Debbie Bliss’ Alphabet blanket x2. Blanket production will start as soon as the current knitting is finished and this time I will be able to share some progress as neither Mummy-to-be reads this blog (I think in one case and devoutly hope in the other!)
My current knitting is still the bookbooksecret socks of which I have finished three of my remaining 4 – I’ve been knitting up a whirl. However, spring has arrived and despite trying to stave off second sock syndrome I retreated to my garden today and what started out as a plan to weed one of the flowerbeds turned into a full scale weed of two large beds (they were very weedy) and planting them up with summer bulbs and a few violas, pansys and antihurrums for instant colour – it’s going to look fantastic come the summer (or possibly not – soil depending!)
For the moment it looks like this:

and while I can see that the beds look very flat there are things that will grow pretty tall (two packets of sunflowers for a start) and I can’t wait – roll on the summer.

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