Babies wait for no knitter


And that means only one thing – the first baby is due on May 14th and I need to get cracking on this blanket. With my first gratuitous blue bench shot of the day, look what arrived on Saturday morningOr in close-up so you can actually see it rather than just admire the blue-ness:
That’s a LOT of baby cashmerino (two blankets worth I hope). I virtuously did the shopping on Friday night and Saturday morning and went for a 4 mile run (please note progress of Achilles across the tracker bar) before I went to Web of Wool to collect it (please provide own angel and polishing of halo noises!)

In the afternoon we went to visit a friend down in the middle of nowhere in the Cotswolds and I ensconsed myself on the bench in the garden while H and F played football. The boys then decided to crown me with a tiara of daisies and provide me with photographic evidence for the blog comme ca:
Posting that not particularly flattering picture of me gives me every justification for showing you what happenned next when I turned the camera on the boys!!
H and F discovered that contrary to their childhood belief, if they can’t see me I can still see them – who would have thought!!

The boys take flight!

So that was Saturday – I knit and chatted to H and F and to Poppy the cat and we watched the latest Bond film again – a wonderful day.

Sunday was another beautiful day and my day mostly looked like this:

Please note the following items essential to an afternoon’s knitting:

1, The sunhat – important so you are not dazzled by the quick flashing addi turbos and the cream yarn
2, Ipod – podcast catchup heaven
3, Garden chairs enhanced by many cushions
4, Plastic crate to allow yarn to scamper round in so that it doesn’t get dirty
5, Interesting but not taxing knitting

I did move around the garden with the sun, starting off on my blue bench and ending up in the conservatory and there were laundry intermissions (hanging up and taking down of) but that was pretty much my Sunday afternoon. H was playing golf so the real question is, am I a grass widow or is he a yarn widower? Answers on a postcard!

And the result….

The first two rows of blocks – there are six in total and a nice little edging – anyone else think I’m a little crazy/over ambitious/secretly have discovered how to warp space and time and would like to know how? All I can say is love the pattern and love the yarn – it’s a good job too seeing as baby No2 is due in July!

For my piece de resistance I present a flower whose name I have forgotten but which I have christened Project Spectrum Flower – pink, yellow and green!

  • Mary 20/04/2007 at 11:02 am

    Hi Carie!

    I love your work in progress bars on the side there.

  • Yarn Thing 23/04/2007 at 9:22 am

    Diddo that last comment. I also like your yarn choices. Good stuff!