Yarn ate my brain


I am convinced of this for the following reasons:

1. Tonight while at my knitting group some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino jumped out of the sky to doink me on the head. It is beautiful and soft and warm and was a lovely cream and said baby blanket to me (I know of two sproglets currently in the hatching process which merit knitted lovelies so these thoughts were not far from my mind, it’s OK Mum you can stop panicking/celebrating now). I was also instructed by the lovely H to detour via the chippy for some very very healthful potatoes (oh yes) on my way home. However, due to thoughts of the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and the small people who will very probably be wrapped in it, I completely forgot to turn off to the chippy and ended up turning round about 200 yrds from my house and going back – doh!

2. I now have some more beads to do some more work on the Bookbooksecret sock #3. I carefully worked out where I had got to in the pattern and even more carefully counted my 4 pattern lines, I need to add 26, 28, 20 and 20 beads for each pattern line.

I calculated this to total 52 (just don’t ask- see title to post).

Having added 52 beads I carefully continued to work the sock until I realised I was a little low on beads and I had a rethink looking carefully at my notes.

Oh you daft girl, 8 and 6 is 14 not 12 – you should have added 54 beads

Carefully continuing with the sock until the point arises to add more beads

I’m still rather short on beads … oh you daft girl, it’s 84 not 52, you’re 32 beads short….
H if I have 20 and 20 and 26 and 28 and I added 52 then I’m 32 beads short aren’t I?

Oh ….yes, you needed to add 84

Small pause for thought

No no no nonononono …. hang on a minute, 20 and 20 and 26 and 28; that’s 94 not 84

Are you sure it isn’t 84?

Now between the pair of us we have 4 maths A-levels, a masters in Engineering and a degree in Jurisprudence. We can usually do maths. Accordingly on the evidence before me I judge that yarn ate my brain.

PS – the beaded bit of the sock is finished
PPS – with the correct number of beads
PPPS – 94 was the correct number – we got there eventually!

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