Stop the world – I want a break!

Gosh life is busy at the moment – I seem to run around and barely stop. Happily though I got to work from home today yippeee!

I also got to really scare the living daylights out of the window cleaner who was rather surprised to find me in the study when he climbed up to to clean the window. The funniest thing was that rather than knock at the door to tell me he was finished, he climbed up to the study window again to talk to me!!

Working from home is great – the phone doesn’t ring and you get a chance to really concentrate. And – if you’re really lucky- you get to concentrate in pretty places. This afternoon Clara the Clio had to have her MOT and while the garage were doing it I got to sit in the park and read my latest new instruction.
Things I should probably not admit:
1. After the MOT I did go and book myself a spa day with some vouchers H gave me for Christmas which isn’t really working (promise not to tell the boss)
2. I think it’s really cool that someone wants me to work on their file enough to courier it to me yesterday so that I could read it today and advise on it tomorrow
3. The claimants on this file are going to be a real pain in the neck – unnecesarily beligerent and aggressive.
4. They are likely to get less help from my client than if they were nice and tried to sort things out sensibly. Plus now they get me on the other end of the phone – big mistake on their part!
5. Hee hee
The sock came to the park too:

No-one will ever believe me when I say that I did not knit one stitch of that sock while sat in the park this afternoon (or 2, 3, 4 etc I know the devious minds of knitters!), it merely came for the scenery and because its mate got to play in a bush on Saturday.

The sock is now significantly longer and despite all it’s best efforts I am forcing it to be an identical sock rather then a sibling sock (knots are causing there to be significant bids for independence by the second sock). On that point why are the knots always in the second sock so you are short a stripe rather than being able to take a stripe out of the second sock to match the first? – Answers on a postcard.

Aside from that the pattern is largely a figment of my imagination – I just do what looks right at the appropriate moment and I love the colours of the striping, all the way through project spectrum – very colours of spring and summer – the red is raspberries and strawberries mushed with cream, the yellow is sunshine and the colour of the sunshade we had when I was small, the green is the new growth on our box hedge-in-progress, the blue is the colour of the sky or how I imagine the colour of rain, purple is the colour of blackcurrant stains on your hands (and/or t-shirt) the red and black is more berries and the white is vanilla ice-cream (from Salcombe Dairy of course) and clouds. Instant summer thoughts!

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