And the rest of the week report


I did originally plan to blog most days this last week given the theory that as H was away I would have so much more time – suffice to say it didn’t happen. We are currently running up to year end at the moment at work and it basically means lots of work as we try to meet our targets before judgment day, or April 1 as the rest of the world knows it!

Incidentally that’s why Achilles hasn’t moved in a while – I just cant get running when I don’t get home until 9 or 10pm and the weekends are spent catching up on everything I should have done during the week … anyway …

The results of my conflict situation were surprising:

Knitting: 1 pair of socks completed
Work: lots
House: tidied and cleaned apart from the conservatory (lost cause), my study (apparently to be found somewhere underneath the ironing mountain) and H’s study.
Sleep: not a lot at all

Or, pictorally:

This is the knitting I finished (the blue socks hiding underneath my port and starboard socks) – they are hiding because they are a test knit for Anna’s book and are currently too shy to be revealed (that and they’re a secret – you’ll just have to buy the book when it comes out – it’s going to be great)

and this:

Is what I found when I got home on Friday, or in close up

Accompanied by this – hmmmmm yummy!

What more could a girl want?!

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