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That kind of sums up my reaction to today – much much pressure and no less than five phone calls with people ranting at me – gaaaaa – quite!

Now, time for something pretty

My finished Spring socks of doomy brightness. The yarn is Opal DK weight and I have no idea what the colour is as it is something which H bought me for Christmas – wonderfully snuggly and loads of the ball left – we may yet see me (a) work out how to knit toe-up socks and (b) make a pair of footsies with the leftovers – anyone know any good pattens or guides?

In the meantime I have another yarn adventure to look forward to – another pair of test socks for Anna’s new book this time in the project spectrum colour of grey. Cunningly in threading the beads (shh – yes it has beads) onto the yarn we threaded them onto the wrong end of the yarn so I am about to see whether I can pull them through to where I need them by standing at the top of the stairs and letting gravity assist while I re-wind – may all your thoughts be with me!