Sneaky little exta


I’m posting from work – shhh!

When I last posted (Saturday lunchtime) I had done 11 repeats of 23 needed for the Trellis scarf. As of last night I have done 19 (and just started the 20th) – hee hee – nearly there, nearly there. I am so excited (as you can probably tell) because now I only have 4 repeats to go and a lace border – at least it’s 4 repeats, the first 8 rows of the repeat and the lace border and I really can finish that this week – squeee!

Given that I picked this up again at the beginning of Feb and it’s only the 12th now it makes me wonder quite why I put it down in the first place – I suspect the lure of other more exciting projects. I started it last May after we got back from our honeymoon as part of last year’s Porject Spectrum and it took me ages and a lot of frogging to get the hand of the border let alone the pattern. It then got put aside as just the border and the first repeat (having discovered that k7 into 5 is hard) when the yarn arrived for Smoulder and I needed to finish a baby jacket for my cousin. I added another 3 repeats in September when I was (again) waiting for yarn for Smoulder and then it got put aside. It is soft and floaty and I love it already and I can’t wait to see it blocked.

My original plan for Feb was to try to complete one repeat per day which would produce a finished scarf by the end of the month but I appear to be over achieving – if only all over achievement was as easy as it is with knitting targets!

When I finish it I have a whole host of potential blue/white/grey project to choose from: my Secret Water socks are on the needles (currently on the second sock), I have some petrel blue alpaca to make a sweater from which will probably be the next big project and some more blue and cream alpaca which was a scarf kit that I was given for Christmas but which I would really like to use to make a mitten and hat set and all sort of other non-knitting craft projects.

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that references to Aimee have dropped recently. She is still in progress and I have nearly finished the back but as her colour suits the next set of Project Spectrum so well and she is a summer sweater rather than the more winterly Alpaca Raglan so I have no qualms in leaving Aimee for April!

Meanwhile ….
4 repeats
half a repeat