UFO Bust-along


Earlier this year I mentioned that one of my goals for the year was to finish some of the projects which I have already got yarn for and to this end I have signed up to the UFO bust-along so here are my Bust-along declarations:

First of all here is my stash – a bag of sock yarn, yarn for projects and a whole box of leftovers from other projects and odd balls.

My UFOs include Aimee and my socks which are currently on the needles but they aren’t tru UFOs in the strictest definition because I am actually knitting them at the moment, they have not yet been abandonned. These are in fact my unstarted objects, a scarf from the pink/green silk, a sweater from the blue alpaca and Joy from Vintage Style from the dusky purple Yorkshire Tweed.And finally, my UFO for the project – my trellis scarf. I know this is a true UFO because when I mentioned it earlier H had no idea what I was talking about – and he bought me the turtle stitch markers. This will also tie in nicely with Project Spectrum because it is the perfect colour for February and March! Ready, Steady, Go!

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