Some progress and some Ssss


Well first the big news – I have finished the back on Aimee!I love the way this is knitting up and it is going to be a gorgeous sweater when I’ve finished – more progress in due course but it is very much a piece of knitting to force me to slow down nd relax as the lace pattern stripes (and the top of the piece which is all lace) does not allow fast knitting as you have to keep lifting stitches over to make the pattern. I can read when I’ve got the pattern right now which is helping so I’m less worried about obsessivly trying to figure out how each row deviates from the one written out in the pattern in terms of stitch numbers etc. It’s also nice to snuggle under while I cast on for the front!

By the way do you see my tortoise? He’s moved a little bit further but I’m still way behind some of the peeps at Runagogo who have done 20, 30+ miles already ( I thnk there may be some cycling in there though!) Still, only 93 miles to go!

Now about thoses Ssssss …. Cara at January One tagged me with the letter S – the idea being to list 10 things in your life that are important that begin with your letter so here goes:

Spouse: I am very very lucky to have married my soulmate and my constant support, my lovely husband. A year ago he was only my fiance and the letters wouldn’t have worked!! No seriously, this man wears his handknit socks to cosset his feet in the evenings, to the extent that he had to keep swapping between the two pairs he got for Christmas during Christmas day because he liked them both so much, AND he managed to brave a yarn shop (to buy more sock wool) for my Christmas present. Moreover, not once has he uttered the words “Just how much yarn do you have!” – collecting things is normal.

Stashing: (or possibly Squirrelling) I think this segways rather nicely – I fear that my nature is to be a compulsive stasher and even recent efforts at decluttering had to take much mental effort – I’d saved letters I was sent when I was 13 so why should I bin them now (I’m pleased to say I saved only the special cards from my parents and sister and grandmother and binned the rest). The recent reorganisation also united all of my fabric stash – for someone who only really dabbles in quilting I have a remarkably large fabric stash saved over many years – personally I’m putting it down as inspiration. The same is true of my cardmaking/scrapbooking stash – there are some things in it that are just too pretty to use so they stay hoarded. For the sake of more delicate readers we will not get into the question of my yarn stash!

Singing: I love to sing it’s as simple as that. I’m not currently in a choir but I’m looking for one to join if I acquire some free time. Before I move north I sang with the Addison Singers in London and my chapel choir at university so my repetoire is somewhat eclectic! I also once sang for the Queen (in a choir) although the organ pipes were between her and us and I’d be surprised if she heard much of us!

The Sea: Despite now living about as far away from the sea as you can get in the UK I am a water baby at heart and coming from the Westcountry where they have a fair amout of coastline I love the crash of the waves, I love surfing and swimming and the smell of the sea in the morning when we wake up at my parent’s house (it’s on the edge of a cliff) – there’s no avoiding it – the salt is well and truly in the blood!

Which I guess is why my next love is
Sailing: Again with the waterbaby vibe (probably more often than I should have done given my capsize record!) sailing comes with the genealogy! My parents taught me to sail on the river and I’ve never stopped culminating in two Tall Ships Races and a lot of mucking about in dinghys – if it has sails I’m game.

Sheep: Or as they are known in our household “Knitting on legs”. I think the theme is rather the product of the sheep rather than the animals themselves although they are very cute as small boingy lambs in the spring, particularly the multi-coloured sheep. I guess I could include spinning in this category too although I am resolutely resisting learning how to spin as it would only create more stash and less cash!

Serendipity: Fortuitous accidents – I am by nature optimistic (particularly when it comes to reaslistically assessing whether or not I can bend the space time continuum) and I love the way in crafty and non-crafty things every now and again things just come together in a perfect but entirely unintended way – little surprises for life – often in my cooking as I have a teeny tiny tendancy to tweak things that I already know how to cook to add in little extras that we happen to have lying around – mostly it is a serendipitous success!

Solutions: My job as a litigator frequently involves sueing people or defending people who re being sued and that could quite easily have been another S but the inspiration and motivation to do the job is for me more about finding the right solution to the dispute. Sometimes if my client has been defrauded the right solution is finding out how the fraudster did what he did and making a recovery, in other cases it is finding a settlement that allows both parties to walk away feeling vindicated and if possible, able to continue to have a working relationship, what matters is finding the way to solve the problem.

Space: Pehaps this is the westcountry roots reappearing again but I love big open spaces. When I worked in London I really enjoyed being in a big city but some of my favourite places were the bridges – Hungerford footbridge and Blackfriars brdige in particular – because you can really see the skyline of the city and feel a bit of air around you. My study at home in Warwickshire is on the front of our house so I look out over the rest of the village and across the fields but for real space head to Dartmoor – it’s so big you really feel you can breathe properly!

and finally …

Sharing experiences: whether it’s through blogging, or chatting with the girls or joining in one of the many KALs it is such fun to share a common interest and enthusiasm and I’m glad we have such a strong on-line knitting community – next step world domination!

So there we go, a few random thoughts that I have really enjoyed putting together. If anyone would like a letter of their own please leave me a comment and I will send you a tag

Happy knitting


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